Thoongavanam Overtakes Vedhalam in US


Thoongavanam overtakes Vedalam in US

Vedhalam has been overshadowed by Thoongavanam at the US box office collections. After first couple of days Thoongavanam has collected over Rs 1.5 crore wheareas Vedhalam has earned about 1.1 crore in US alone. It is to be noted Vedalam is having a dream run and has said to have raked more collections than Thoongavanam in almost all centres including TN.

Vedhalam is released to 500 plus screens whereas Thoongavanam is released to 325 plus screens all over the globe. Vedhalam is doing good in Kerela and Karnataka too ! But heavy rains in TN and parts of India expected to have a major impact over the movies collection in future.