Pulivaal – Movie Review



Pulivaal – Movie Review

Pulivaal’s teaser and trailers may put you under a impression that the movie is gonna churn some comedy but as the movie progresses one can realise the subject is quite serious. The good part of the movie is it’s climax the raw action choreograply and the way it is captured.

Both Vimal and Prasanna plays lifeless characters which is not properly explained on screen. The audience is not given enough of reasoning for their flawed personalities and it’s hard to separate the protagonists or antagonists in the movie.

The movie runs for about 135 minutes which is short in compared to tamil movie standards. But still the story seems to be dragging of with unnecassary songs and comedy used as gap fillers in the movie. The movie gives you a feeling of watching a soap opera, thanks to it’s predictable screenplay and story plot.

Vimal has been given more opportunities than Prasanna and he delivers well when needed. Prasanna plays the role of a Businessman is underused in the movie but comes out strong in the climax action sequence. Oviya plays a vital role between the three heroines (Oviya, Iniya and Ananya). Soori tried his best to bring out the comic relief but fails mostly. The one liners he delivers looks similar to SMS jokes and his timing too not greatly impressive. Thambi Ramaiah plays the second fiddle to Soori who also plays a vital part in the story of the movie.

Music is by NR Raghunanthan who has composed a couple of songs which is choreographed well. Gopi Sundar has done the background score who scores fairly well especially in the climax.

Director Marimuthu has put numerous plots and suspense in the movie but too much of explanation and narration plays the spoilsport. Atlast most thrills as it meant to be doesn’t really get much of the attention.