Jigarthanda Movie Review

Jigarthanda Movie Review – Starring Siddharth, lakshmi menon


Jigarthanda Movie Review

Jigarthanda is a 2014 Indian gangster movie written and directed by Karthick Subbaraj. Jigarthanda is a heavily inspired version of spaghetti Western, which takes place in Madurai located in southern part of India.

Who would have thought a Spaghetti Western could be made around the gangsters of madurai? Well, only Karthick Subbaraj perhaps!


The film stars Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon, Bobby Simhaa, and Karunakaran, and was released worldwide on August 1st. In addition to the ‘main casting’ this film abounds with some spectacular cameos by fine actors such as, Karunakaran, Prathap Pothen, Ramachandran Durairaj, among many others, and of course our very own Vijay Sethupathi.


Jigarthanda revolves  mainly around three characters. A rustic old goon, An aspiring film maker and an idly seller. Siddharth plays an aspiring movie maker in Jigarthanda. To get a break in cine industry he makes a movie about gangsters in madurai. For that he takes Sethu (Bobby Simhaa) a real gangster in madurai, as his case study. What follows is a mixture of twists and turns in Karthi’s life is Jigarthanda.

The movie runs about 170 minutes and the script is fairly engaging. Apart from a few scenes in the second half the movie runs at a brisk pace.


We all know Siddharth with his boyish very clean cut image. He was able to pull off the whole transitioning from a timid aspiring movie maker to a menacing rugged boy. Lakshmi Menon plays an idli seller in the movie. She fits the bill perfectly not overdoing her performance.

Bobby Simhaa not only that he had the whole look down but with all the facial tanning and the messy hair, he fits the bill perfectly. Bobby Simhaa has a style that is stylish! It is very interesting to see Bobby Simha play a boisterous role who previously played that innocent guy building temple for his dream actress. For all the screen time that he has he dominates.

There are scenes such as a gathering of a Simha’s gang in a birthday party that are incredibly hilarious, and scenes of torture and violent blood-gushing murders.

Director Karthick Subbaraj has utilized elements of Spaghetti Westerns in Jigarthanda. Who would have thought a Spaghetti Western could be made around the gangsters of madurai? Well, only Karthick Subbaraj perhaps! The film played truly to Karthick Subbaraj’s style and with some good music by Santosh Narayanan.

The real strength of Jigarthanda lies in it’s background score. The background score and music of Santosh Narayanan takes Jigarthanda to another level. Santosh Narayanan’s album for Jigarthanda is already a hit. Santosh has also launched his Sandy’s Jazz Band which recorded music for the movie. It is to be recalled during the making of the movie, A.R.Rahman called Santosh Narayanan one of his favourites to watch out for.

Debutant Gavemic U Ary’s Cinematography is brilliant and magnificent preserving the look and scope of Jigarthanda. (Gavemic worked as 1st Assistant camera under supervision of cinematographer Santosh Sivan). Style being Gavemic U Ary’s strength, some of the scenes are shot so aesthetically that you can’t help but ravish at them.

When you have all of them in one movie, you know its gonna be a good one!

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Did You Know?

  • Vijay Sethupathi was initially approached to play the antogonist role which he declined.
  • Lakshmi menon who is an idli maker in the movie visited some real idly shops to gear up for the role.
  • Jigarthanda was supposed to be Karthick’s first directorial debut but only managed to get producers for PIZZA.
  • Jigarthanda’s film shoot was completed in 54 days due to it’s perfect scripting.
  • Gavmic U Ary has said, sometimes Jigarthanda’s schedule went for continuous hours as long as even 27 hours straight.
  • 90% of Jigarthanda’s shoot were shot in live locations in Madurai.
  • Jigarthanda is a popular drink in madurai made with milk, sarsaparila syrup topped with vanilla ice cream scoop.
  • Numerous musicians and Sound engineers around the world has collaborated to create music for Jigarthanda.
  • Karthick Subbaraj before entering into movies worked as an engineer in Japan and USA. He is an alumni of Thiagarajar college of engineering.
  • Did you know Karthik worked in more than 15 short films before directing his first feature film.
  • Lakshmi Menon hails from Kerala who studies at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Kochi where her mother also works as a dance teacher.
  • Lakshmi Menon is also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer.
  • Jigarthanda acquired fifth spot in the list ‘5 Indian Films to see in India 2014’ by Forbes India Magazine.
  • Music composer Santosh Narayanan has a Masters in Audio Engineering from a reputed Australian university.
  • Santosh Narayanan and Arun Raja who penned the Ding Dong lyrics (tamil rap version)  are college mates.


It’s the music, the violence, the black humor, the visuals, and the awesome storyline. This is all Jigarthanda. Brutally hilarious covered with tray of dirt, but a total blast from start to finish. This movie should not be missed!